Enough was enough with Vodafail

I wrote a post a few months ago about how great I thought the iPhone 4 was on the Vodafone AU network. Today I am here to say how wrong I am. Ever since I got my iPhone on Vodafone, a few calls failed to call people and it would often take a 2nd or 3rd try to call someone. The 3G data was at speeds I thought were decent so didn’t take it any further. However around October more and more calls started failing and 3G data started to slow to a crawl.

I thought I was alone with my troubles, however suddenly all these posts on technology websites appeared everywhere. The public was in a uproar about the bad service they were getting from Vodafone. Call, Data and Customer Care wise that was. So I knew I wasn’t alone. I would travel into the Adelaide CBD and you couldn’t even make a phone call let alone use data services. 95% of the day, the phone sat there saying “Searching” as you can see in the image to the right so you couldn’t even use the services even as bad as they were. I had put up with this for almost a year and a half just for the first year it wasn’t nearly as bad so I decided enough was enough.

I’ve had to contact the TIO several times before to get contracts canceled (Funny enough with Vodafone and Three) so I called TIO, lodged a complaint and within a week they had released me from my contract and I was free to do what ever I wished. Right away I knew I was going to join Telstra.

Just to give you an example about how slow 3G data was, On Christmas day I tried to load the latest tweets on my iPhone, It took an hour and a half to load 10 messages. Same for a webpage, 2 hours to load my own blog using the mobile version!

EDIT: For those wondering, I have now joined Telstra. You can read my review about the Telstra Next G network here.


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