iPhone 4 and Network Performance

Last Friday the iPhone 4 was launched in Australia. I was planning to buy mine over the internet through Vodafone’s Online Store. However, The online store crashed at midnight (11:30PM Adelaide time) because that’s when it was available online due to heavy traffic. I slowly worked through the pages until it just wouldn’t go any further validating my account details. So within virtually 10 minutes I said fuck it, called a taxi company. $70 later I was in the city, I entered Rundle Mall and headed to the Vodafone store. Now from what I heard from all my friends and from posts I saw online, there was supposed to be hundreds of people lining up. Granted I arrived there at 2AM there was only one other person lining up. By 4AM there was around 15 of us and by 6AM there was over 400 people.

The Adelaide Vodafone store only had 70 iPhones in stock, 40 32gb models and 30 16gb models. The store opened at 8AM, they let the first 5 people inside and then closed the door behind us so the crowd didn’t all come inside the store. It took 50 minutes to sign the contract but I finally had it done. I walked out of the store and headed for the train as I had to get to class because it started at 9AM, but I got there by 10AM so it was all good.

Not that I have had a iPhone before, but from my previous uses of the iPhone 3G and 3GS the iPhone 4 is far superior to its predecessors. One of the main features; the Retina display is beyond incredible. Just alone the Retina display makes the phone that much more desirable when you hold it. The screen is so clear and readable.

So far I’m pretty happy with the Vodafone network, its much better than what it was like when I was uing my BlackBerry 9500.


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