Disenchanting as of Patch 3.3

Well as some of you may have heard in 3.3 Blizzard is adding a new feature to the game. When you have an enchanter in the group there will be a 3rd option alongside Need/Greed which is Disenchant. From what they have said so far,  you all just select disenchant and it will roll off the shard to the top highest roll and automatically give the enchanting mats to that person. Now I’m not really a fan of this, I usually do the disenchanting and roll off the shards at the end but using my own skill without my permission? I think that’s a bit over the top.

Now I’ve actually got a pretty strong opinion of disenchanting at the moment and I’m going to let you guys know what my opinion is. I think that disenchanting and rolling for shards at the end of the instance is NOT fair to the enchanter. The enchanter had to spend a lot of gold and mats to level up the skill, and its quite possibly the most hardest profession to level in the game. Now for example a skinner, gets to go into an instance and skin everything and keep the profits at the end right? We don’t ask to split up the skinning/herbing/mining materials at the end. We let them keep it, the only place for an enchanter to get materials really is in an instance, which is when the materials of that run then gets split up and quite often the enchanter walks away with nothing.. I just don’t see this fair to the enchanter in the first place. If this is the way its going to be, I think it would only be fair for the group to be able to call shares on the leather, herbs and ore at the end of the run too. Just to be clear, I’m fine with running an instance/raid with my guild and those materials going to the guild bank, but a 5man pug on the other hand, that’s where I get annoyed.

The only other way for enchanters is to hope that greens drop for us outside of instances which can be quite tricky, when miners for example can go around the world on their flying mount chasing mining nodes.

Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments.

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